Tips To Perfect Your Pharmacy Shelving Strategy

Do you have a pharmacy shelving strategy? Pharmacy shelving is imperative but you shouldn’t just go about it without any plan or purpose. How you place your inventory and present it to your customers will have a bearing on sales. Pharmacy shelving also impacts branding as it creates a visual impact. Whether your customers would find it convenient to shop at your store or they would struggle to find what they need will also depend on your shelving strategy.

Here are some tips to help you perfect your pharmacy shelving strategy.

  • First, you should know what product to place where. You should ideally have the largest inventories on the topmost shelves. They are big and would likely have large fonts and designs which would be visible from afar. They don’t have to be at normal heights or at the bottom shelves. The shelves within easy human reach are for the tiny products, those which have to be seen from up close to read the labels.
  • Second, you should always club products that are alike or related in some way. Medicines are usually not impulse purchases as people would only buy what they need but associated products can always be purchased at the spur of the moment. A pharmacy store is still a business and you need to churn a healthy profit. Clubbing together medicines for the skin with skin care products and similar strategies will work well for you.
  • Third, you must take into account the extremely important aspect of spacing. You cannot have your shelves chockablock or two shelves narrowing down an aisle. You need to offer optimum space to your customers. Whether you do that with your inventory being well placed or you broaden the aisles by opting for sleeker storage and display furniture is your choice.
  • Don’t compel people to walk across the entire store to buy something very simple or what they would buy regularly. This is an old school practice established by yesteryears’ business majors to get the customers exposed to all the products before they could buy something really simple. In the pharmacy business and in this era, you cannot expect a customer to come back if you are wasting their time purposefully. Always keep products that people buy regularly within easy grasp.

Before you implement your pharmacy shelving strategy, you need to choose the right kind of storage furniture to facilitate that strategy. Else, you would have the right strategy but not the right foundation to execute it.