Study of a shop

Nowadays, the competition in the market has increased to a great extent. Due to the economic crisis, clients have become demanding, wanting to combine low price with excellent quality. At the same time though, the friendly atmosphere in the sales’ field has turned every buy into a unique experience. The sophisticated construction, always in accordance with the public’s demands, leads to the desirable result and it is necessary in today’s era.

Before the construction, the study and planning of each shop is the result of a record and an analysis of the functional needs and exposure of the business. At the same time, it relies on a central idea, which gives place an identity that will make it to distinguish among a plethora of existing competitors. The specificity of the space will remain indelible in the clients’ memory, motivating them to return when they need a similar product. The aesthetics, the functionality and fast service trigger the interest of clients to dedicate enough time in the interior space, choosing the products they desire.

The development of the plans requires, first of all, an exact impression of the shop. Following that, the existing provisions and the limitations that are referenced, are taken into consideration.