Drawing solutions and suggestions from the team of our architects and decorators which offer a complete picture of the work with detail, accuracy and clarity through analytical architectural designs (floor plans-aspects-sections), photorealistic portrayal and constructive informations.
The result is always produced in relation to the expectations and demands of the modern professional, adjusted to the peculiarities of every space which is provided for construction.

Budget of the construction with analytical premeasurements and descriptions of all the works to be realized and materials to be used after agreement on the construction designs, providing competitive and affordable prices.

We take on any kind of work irrespective of size and place of construction converting the architectural study in reality. The carrying out of the work is realized with responsibility and absolute synchronization by the specialized crews and the overseeing foreman, succeeding with success works of a large scale and high quality construction in a short space of time.
Within the scope of our construction activity we also take on the realization of architectural studies which haven’t been realized by the staff of our company.

After the completion of work we offer full maintenance with A.S.S. (After Sales Service) by our crews with immediate service.

– At first, we analyze the desires of the purchasing audience with scientific methods (eg gallops, questionnaires) and we study the trends of the era (color choices, decoration style, way of presenting products, etc.). By proceeding with the planning of the way and the cost of operation – presentation and costing of product / technology, payroll, suitability of space with similar rent – the key components are being synthesized to show a strong image to the general public.

– We recommend and assist you in choosing your brand or company / product / technology branding.

– We undertake the design, renovation and construction of the store after a thorough study and directly influencing the image that the new company will project. The awareness is absolutely interwoven with the design and decoration of the store. The store must have the right features (e.g. ergonomics and functionality, ability to show specific products, timeless, site-independent, etc.) depending on the subject of the company. This creates strong bases for the growth and development of your brand.

– A strong and well-known brand helps in faster franchising networking. The range of public acceptance increases by designing franchise sales in-depth. We are looking for new franchisees and we ensure the proper and smooth internal organization and operation of the network. For new stores, we suggest potential corporate members (staff, administration) and help train people who will be staffing new businesses from a team of specialists.