Retail store renovation

The main intervention that can be done in a shop to enhance the image, is its renovation. This is because the renovated spaces provide the opportunity to reach out more customers and the opportunity to strengthen relationships with existing customers.

The store renovations should be made at regular intervals (3-5 years). Possible reasons usually lead to a renovation is the wearing of equipment , competition and new trends of fashion. Another reason for a renovation can be both the improvement of functionality and use of the premises. The renovation can be partial or total, depending on the needs and specificities presented. Even the most modern shops need a partial renewal after a period of time, as a freshening in paint or adding new data to the decoration.

The complete renovation of an area, modifies the store externally and internally. The company undertakes the project, intervenes in shaping the space, the decor, the lighting, the arrangement of furniture and the front of the store. In collaboration with the entrepreneur, a plan is established, which is implemented in a specific timetable. So is needed a very serious preparation and the preparation of a study on the part of the company renovations. In this design, are clearly defined all interventions, and all the necessary materials needed, are ordered. Are informed the garages for the schedule and they start working. The store renovations last from a few days up to one month, depending on the amount and type of interventions.

The main design goal is to shape the identity of the business, just as the entrepreneur wishes . We must take into account factors such as the physical location of the store, its equipment, its merchandise and the desired atmosphere that will prevail in the store.

Today on store renovations is given great importance to the distinguish of the interior with a view of better browsing of the customers to them. The properly designed interior areas as those of the hosting, sale, counters etc. can facilitate their clients and lead them subconsciously to points that are desirable, in order to the better promotion of products. The most important area of each store is definitely the area of sales. So, to leed the customer there, needs strategic arrangement of spaces and this is something provided for in the design stage of the renovation.

The materials used in renovations, are affected by the trends of each season and the style of the store . Investments wood or stone, like the stucco decorations are very common and gives the ability to the creation of hidden lighting and special audiovisual impressions. Glass partitions, furniture lacquer, inox and copper are materials that complement the puzzle of modern architecture.

The study of lighting is considered a separate piece on the design of the renovation. Is the one that blends and highlights all the other parts , in a final image that affects the psychology of the visitor of the store . And of course the lighting design must take into account the electricity consumption and reduce wastage, without being reduced something from the quality of lighting. This is achieved with the use of halogen lamps, LED, etc.

In conclusion we can say that the store renovations are not a simple application. Are Defined by many parameters and have various stages of implementation. An effective renovation can increase the clientele of business, increase profits and bring quickly the depreciation. The use of most modern materials and equipment, can reduce the cost of running the business which will bring accelerated depreciation and ultimately even greater profits. The well thought renovation of a store, is not considered a necessary evil, but a profitable investment and a means of differentiation from competitors.