Restaurant equipment

The quality and aesthetics are the required criteria for the right choice of equipment of a restaurant. The guarantee and the cost of the equipment, are the factors to be taken into account before making the purchase.

The choice of furniture and every object must be done carefully, so that the result is ideal for the organization of our restaurant and for our finances.

In a restaurant there must be harmony, whether it’s fast food restaurant (fast food), or a luxury restaurant. All should be in harmony : the colors which dominate the space, lighting, furnishings and equipment, should coexist in perfect symmetry. Only then the result will be impressive and attractive to customers, who will leave our restaurant, impressed not only by our culinary delights, but also from our aesthetically pleasant environment.

The equipment

The restaurant equipment consists of various categories. Furnishings, fittings, machinery. For the smooth running of our restaurant, all of that should be properly organized . The timely supply of consumables will also help us avoid errors and delays in our orders.

Depending on the style of our restaurant, should be the equipment . If we want to have an aesthetically pleasant store , the equipment should be analogue, but at the same time the cost will be equally high. Choosing good quality items , aesthetically nice, we cover both our own sensory perception and our customers.

If we want to do something traditional , something quirky or innovative, we should to do more research regarding the restaurant equipment. Maybe we need to look beyond the borders of Greek territory, if we want objects that stand out, something beyond the ordinary!

The solution of used equipment

Buying used equipment is certainly an economical solution, but it also brings great risk. There is no guarantee and we do not know the extent to which they have been used, and the rest of life that they have. We may often have damages, their restoration will cost us dearly, thereby their final cost will be too high. Especially when it comes to appliances – refrigerators, storage rooms with mechanical devices and all kinds of appliances, which can be repaired only by experts, then we should avoid the used ones, as much as possible.

Another disadvantage is that used equipment was designed for other stores. As a result this equipment wonʼt be functional in our store and won’t aesthetically fit in our space.

The best solution is to reach out to professionals involved with the restaurant equipment, so we can get what we really need.

Restaurant equipment and Innovo

The Innovo Constructions is a company that undertakes to build the equipment and furniture decoration for restaurants and other catering establishments. Arranges to supply the shops with unique and original furniture, which apart from great aesthetics, they give the required functionality in the space. With extensive experience in construction and equipment in catering facilities (see samples of projects), guarantees the quality of the construction and excellent placement in space. High quality equipment at affordable prices.

Whatever we choose in the end, the style we want for our business, we must never forget that our quality is the most significant factor of the validity of our business. Put your imagination, your character and your aesthetic touch, in the selection and design of your restaurant!