Renovations of apartments

Our home, our space, where we spend a lot of time living with our family and enjoying every niche. Most of us live mainly in apartments, either owned or leased. However, in any case, we want our house to be comfortable, functional, warm, calm and aesthetically beautiful, for offering us time of relaxation, warmth, even inspiration, since many of us now work from home. Unfortunately, the majority of apartments that we live in are old and non-functional. For this reason, many times we proceed to a renovation.

A renovation of an apartment is a quite complex process; either it is a total or a partial renovation, depending on the requirements and the financial limitations that each of us has. The jobs that are usually done in a renovation of an apartment are the following:

  • Breach of walls
  • Dismantlement of floors
  • Dismantlement of casings
  • Dismantlement of bathroom and kitchen
  • Change of plumbing fixtures

The goal of a renovation of an apartment is, as it is aforementioned, the creation of comfortable and functional spaces inside our home. All spaces of a house are important; this is why we will mention each of them separately.

The kitchen: is the place where we make our food and then we sit there to enjoy it, in order to cover our natural need for food. In the old apartments, kitchens are usually non-functional. The sink is in lower height, many times the workbench is almost non-existent and the storage cupboards are insignificant. Even in few square meters available, a proper renovation can provide us with positioning of the sink in the right height, a big workbench, a “secret” table for saving space – comes in and out from the workbench, when it is necessary – and enough storage cupboards, so that food creation will be a pleasant experience for us.

The bathroom in the old apartments is also non-functional. Usually, they are few square meters, with a bad arrangement of the bathroom fixtures and minimal storage cabinets. Bathroom’s renovation will offer us the right arrangement of the sanitary fixtures which will make our moves in the bathroom easier and it will save us space for placing, most probably, a furniture with sink, giving us thus the possibility of a space for storage.

In the bedrooms and living room the changes being made with a renovation really offer a different life quality. New floors that are not squeaking, either wooden, or marbled, or with tiles, interior and exterior casings without loss of heat for saving energy, secret lighting with intense or mild shades of light, colors in the walls, compound your new environment which offers calm and warmth.

So, as we all understand, a renovation of an apartment constitutes a quite difficult project, that in order to be done correctly, it needs to be done methodically and with previous planning and consideration. The jobs are many, of different domain (plumper, electrician, decorator) and need to be accomplished with the right chronological sequence and to exist mutual cooperation. For this reason, what is for sure is that we have to address the experts. Those people will indicate to us the right thing to do and they will help us in this difficult project.

Innovo Constructions undertakes the construction and renovation of houses. The complete and fully trained personnel of the company, which consists of civil engineers, mechanical engineers, architects – interior designers and craftsmen covers every need for studying and construction. The long-term experience, the human resources and the adherence to the schedule makes Innovo Constructions a reliable company, having a leading role in the field of constructions –renovations in the market. Together with Innovo Constructions you can visualize, study, plan and finally acquire the house of your dreams.