Yoomoo Construction in Glyfada

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Yoomoo Construction in Glyfada 

Yoomoo frozen yogurt is coming at Glyfada 

Wondering where you can enjoy separate refreshing delicacies without guilt for their unnecessary calories? Of course, the solution is one! Visit Yoomoo! The lean frozen yogurt offered by this new chain of stores is a special tasting experience that will fascinate you! 

The first branch of the international British chain comes to Greece and opens its gates at Glyfada. Innovo Constructions, the company that guarantees the quality of the result, completed the construction. The implementation of the architectural design aims at more efficient and quicker customer service and increased sales. 

The cow produces the milk from which the lean frozen yogurt is made. This resulted in the trademark of the enterprise, which is the cow, in various forms and shades. Its graphics space is mutated and directs customers, always having the cow’s direction. 

The way the business operates is self-service. Therefore, the ice cream makers and the bar with the additional accompanying delicacies aim at the public. Each customer is invited to choose the flavors that make it delicious and to create a unique delicacy according to his own taste requirements. 

The products of the Yoomoo chain aim at all ages, children and adults. The formation of a playground and an auxiliary space for mothers to change babies shows the concern of the business for the particular needs of a mother and young children. The wood and the purple shades that dominate the decor create a vibrant and joyful atmosphere, different from the dull scenery that usually floods the everyday life of the person. 

Modern design goes hand in hand with ergonomics for optimal customer service and comfort at all times of the day. The new Yoomoo chain is dynamically entering the Greek territory and the increased competition of the modern era, distinguishing itself for the quality of its products and for the friendliness of the atmosphere of its stores.