Urologist's Clinic in Drosia

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The doctor is the scientist who is concerned with the research and the application of methods and techniques for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of human diseases. Nowadays, the medical profession has a high scientific and social prestige, so there is a great demand for the relevant degree. However, we have come to the fact of the supernumerary in Greece, a number disproportionate to the real needs of our healthcare system. This means great difficulty in professional rehabilitation and absorption of professionals. 

The anthropocentric science of medicine requires the doctor to place the patient at the center. However, how could this be achieved in an inhospitable, non-functional and cold environment? The clinic is a special combination of personal contact with the most advanced medical care. Innovo Constructions creates unique spaces according to the needs and requirements of the physician. The experienced staff proposes a new and functional design for the renovation of the clinic, a wealth of investments from a wide range of materials, creating a unique aesthetic space. 

The architectural design and construction of the urology clinic in Drosia aimed at offering upgraded medical services and in upgraded facilities under strict standards. The nature of medicine requires the professional to have a high sense of responsibility and acceptance of his social role. The individualized approach of each patient, with respect to his particular expectations and concerns, coupled with the pursuit of effective communication seems to be an imperative. 

By entering the clinic, the patient is easily and quickly oriented as he meets the well-designed reception in front of him. The purity of its composition exudes the gravity that fits into such a space. The waiting areas are configured so that every visit of the patients is pleasant and comfortable. Stone lining creates a cozy atmosphere. The visitor sits on the new comfortable furniture and has the ability to inform and entertain with audio and visual displays, magazines and brochures. Within the examination room, purity is consistent with functionality. It protects discreetly the privacy of the patient and the hygienic conditions are displayed in the whiteness of the figures. Particular attention was paid to the special features and ergonomics of the WC of the clinic due to the specialty of the doctor. 

The lighting plays a key role in all areas. In the waiting area, the self-luminous elastic membrane on the ceiling diffuses the light evenly. The completely original construction looks like a huge lighting body. The ideal lighting of the rooms, avoiding intense shading and intense spotlights, enhances the sense of patient’s optimism and safety. 

For the electrical installations, all the parameters set by the doctor regarding the energy needs and the better functioning of the machines were taken into account. Cooling and heating were designed extensively and adequately for each space separately. The comfortable thermal environment shows compassion and understanding, showing personal interest and emotional support from the doctor for the condition of the patient. The pain is tempered and the recovery is easier and faster. The initial construction of the facilities has allowed provisioning for future use. 

Summing up the desire for change, decoration and construction of the clinic emerged as an immediate necessity through everyday life. The good communication (visual, verbal) between the doctor and the patient and the comfort conditions determine the degree of satisfaction of the patients to a greater extent than their own treatment. The initial construction of the clinic is an opportunity for the company to solve its functional and aesthetic needs and to stimulate its professional profile. Innovo Constructions designs the client’s clinic for the client himself and his patients.