The Renovation of the Dermatological Clinic in Athens

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The design of the clinic is a multi-faceted process and, as requirements are continually increasing, the emergence of smart and functional practices and not only visually appealing are becoming increasingly important. The development of technology and the new technological achievements make it necessary to link it to the social role of the practice. The doctor must inspire the patient’s sincere communication with him, since only this will allow the patient to present all the important information about his problem. 

The aesthetic and ergonomic construction of the dermatology clinic on Vasilissis Sofias Avenue is an additional tool for the doctor. Innovo Constructions is at the forefront of developments and has all the necessary equipment for the renovation and the construction of the clinic. For Innovo, the first priority was to understand the desires and to fully satisfy the needs of the customer. The comprehensive architectural design has ensured a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere, and the creation of a functional and high-standard space for better service. 

The choice of earthy colors in the decoration of the rooms creates a warm and intimate environment for the patient. Return to the nature acts as a catalyst in the patient’s state of mind. The shades of neutral warm colors, which are thought to be related to the credibility and persistence of the best result. The patient acquires respect for the space that hosts him and then for his doctor. 

The waiting area was designed with particular attention to the positive effect on the patient’s psychology. Different materials help create a pleasant environment. The patient is likely to wait a long time in the waiting area, resulting in anxiety and impatience. The comfort of the seats and the relaxed entertainment environment (magazines, television, etc.) with the variety of visual stimuli allows time to pass faster by reducing negative emotions. 

The ergonomic design of the reception has a simple design and flexibility. Its discreet construction suggests that it is there to help patients whenever they need it. This ensures a more familiar environment. When the employee sits behind the reception desk, he is hiding from the visitors, making his presence as discreet as possible. No one would want to have two eyes on him while he is waiting for the doctor. 

Due to the many services offered in the clinic, a smaller waiting area was created elsewhere to ensure the best possible patient management. All the rooms got a new style in the renovation of the clinic. Elements such as visible concrete, OSB, wood in original compositions and applications cause the patient to visit all the rooms. The dermatologist’s office was designed with a lot of imagination and ingenuity. The bright structure behind the chair attracts the patient and guides him through the streets of New York, forgetting his problem for a moment. 

The culmination of all the constructions is the right and individual lighting. Ideal lighting applications improve the operation of the spaces, enhancing the clarity of the environment. The aesthetics of the space is upgraded by enhancing architecture. Depending on the space and the type of activity carried out within it, the desired level of illumination is determined. Then, with the luminous flux method of each luminaire, the kinds and lighting modes appropriate to achieve the balanced atmosphere were calculated. 

In conclusion, good doctor-patient communication in a friendly and relaxing environment helps their relationship by achieving the patient’s compliance with the doctor’s advice, reducing the patient’s anxiety, increasing his pleasure, and ultimately contributing to his quicker recovery. In consistency and respect, Innovo Constructions has achieved excellent results by providing complete solutions and services, both in preparation and construction, ensuring a lasting relationship with the dermatologist.