Tavern renovation in Peristeri

Tavern renovation in Peristeri 

“Xaderfos”: the high quality of food in a pleasant environment 

According to modern trends, the most valuable tool in the hands of the entrepreneur is the store and the equipment, both functional and aesthetically, in order to achieve increased attraction of consumers. The pleasant environment and the high quality of a grill are the way to offset changes in the grill industry and the financial crisis. 

The entrepreneur at Peristeri, envisioning a modern space, contacted Innovo Constructions to construct and renovate his grill. The creative team, when conceiving the concept of the store design, emphasized in the identity and the communication, both inside and outside the facade. 

During the construction of the grill, ventilation and electromechanical installations were particularly well suited to the comfort of customers. Thus, from the beginning, the existing situation was recorded to make the modifications or re-installations targeted, winning the owner time, materials and money. Adherence to the timetable in the course of the operation allowed the employer to be sure that everything was flowing smoothly, without unpleasant surprises. 

The first contact of the passerby with the grill is through its external face. The stylish, carefully crafted, high quality materials of the signage, the construction and the trench chairs give value to the space and the services it offers. Its unique character with industrial elements functions as a link between internal and external environment, both private and public. 

The passer by coming in the grill, he enters a modernized space where the warm and friendly atmosphere creates the right conditions for his long stay in it. Innovo Constructions, being at the heart of the developments in food & beverage stores, has created an attractive and pleasant venue, giving value to the entrepreneur’s investment. The renovation of the restaurant – grill is an individualized solution where the turnkey project was delivered.