Tavern decoration in Argyroupolis

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Tavern decoration in Argyroupolis 

Beautiful experiences in the “Tsouzeri” of Argyroupoli 

Aesthetics, friendliness, functionality, ergonomics, organization are some of the meanings that the construction of the tavern in Argyroupoli represents. Direct service and customer care are perceived from the very first moment with the entry of the customers into the tavern. 

However, how did the entrepreneur come to this exquisite, aesthetic and functional result? His collaboration with Innovo Constructions has given value to his investment by ensuring, from the outset, the desired result before the start of the operation. The designers, adopting the modern trends of decoration and listening to the expectations of the owner, designed and presented it in two-dimensional drawings and photorealistic images for the complete perception of the proposal. 

A key element in the layout of the premises was the open kitchen. The customer comes in direct contact with how to prepare and prepare the food, which requires excellent organization and order in the kitchen. During the preparation of food, the ergonomically designed and organized space helps employees prepare the meals instantly, helping to reduce congestion during peak hours, thus avoiding the nerves, misunderstandings and poor image of the employees towards the customers. 

In the dining area, the feeling that dominates is comfort and relaxation in a “warm” environment. The basic decoration materials are wood and stone. Nevertheless, simple use of these is not enough. Industrial decoration elements point to another era, more carefree. The tavern is designed with the smallest detail, creating different compositions at every point in the room, so that customers will “look around” and not be bored. 

The presence of the unique identity of the tavern in Argyroupoli makes it a pole of attraction because of its diversity and the high quality of its services and materials. The “Tsouzeri”, as it is called, promises on every backside unique experiences of enjoying different tastes in its hospitable environment.