Tavern construction in Pagkrati

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Tavern construction in Pagkrati 

The “Athenian Substances” are satisfying all the senses 

The needs of the catering industry are constantly increasing, requiring entrepreneurs to adapt to the current market trends for their successful course and development. The architectural design and construction of the tavern in Pagkrati was completed by Innovo Constructions aiming at more effective communication with the customer, both visual and verbal, so as to attract the audience from the friendly atmosphere and the unique tasteful experiences, feeling satisfaction and pleasure. 

A primary consideration in design was the layout to maximize the efficiency of the equipment. Each space is configured in such a way that it is fully functional and comfortable for organized work. The proper arrangement of high-strength equipment plays a major role in drastically reducing food preparation time and maintaining cleanliness and order avoiding congestion at peak times. 

Varieties of shades and wood prevail the decoration of the store. The freshness of green refers to the high quality of manufacturing materials while the earthly shades give it a sense of warmth and hospitality. Combination gives them vividness and entertains the eye of the customer. 

During the implementation of the architectural design, special attention was paid to lighting as it plays a key role in shaping the atmosphere and promoting the freshness of food. The way Innovo Constructions, the specialist company in restaurant renovation and construction, approaches the lighting design differs according to the philosophy and entrepreneurship of the tavern. The choice of different luminaires depending on the use of space allows the direction of light to the desired points creating comfort and commercial conditions. Lighting inspires optimism and positivity, casting out anxiety and unpleasant thoughts. 

Modern design of the space caters to the increased needs of the consumer and contributes to personalizing the services tailored to the unique personality of each customer. The cozy atmosphere wins the impressions, while the taste experience takes off the senses.