Snack-café store renovation in Agios Dimitrios

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Snack-café store renovation in Agios Dimitrios 

The friendly snack – café of Agios Dimitrios with its unique delicacies 

How can a snack-cafe store be able to change form and acquire a new identity? The cooperation of the entrepreneur in Agios Dimitrios with Innovo Constructions guarantees the modernization of the space and its integration into the modern increased competition. The attractiveness and new style of the store invites young people and older people to taste unique delicacies in its hospitable and tranquil atmosphere. 

The architectural design and its implementation is an integral part of the complete renovation. The imprinting of the space and the extensive discussions with the businessperson brought to light the needs of the store and the requirements of the owner. The application of the architectural design of the electrical, the mechanical and the hydraulic installations and heating – cooling leads to the smooth operation of all machines and equipment at any time of the day, avoiding unpleasant conditions that could jeopardize the smooth functioning of the snack – café. 

The experienced opinion of the experts helped the businessperson to choose the materials and equipment to ensure quality, ergonomics and the lowest possible manufacturing cost. A special feature of the decoration is the coating of the wall with black and white tiles in the shape of a checkerboard. The intense contrast of the two colors attracts interest by giving style and professionalism. 

The light design seals the renewal of the space, as it is the key to the ideal atmosphere. Depending on the sunshine and the type of activities that take place during its operation, the desired level of lighting is set. The lighting and luminaires are flexible, adaptable to create a balanced atmosphere. 

The right and ergonomic design of the snack café combined with its unique identity is the basic tool for the shopkeeper to attract more customers. Innovo Constructions’ staff is specialized in the renovation and construction of snack-cafes and is next to the entrepreneur and after the work is done for any needs that may arise.