Snack - café renovation in Piraeus

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Snack – café renovation in Piraeus 

The modernization and upgrading of a snack – café, the adaptation to the new demands and the increased demands of the current consumer, the aesthetic renewal and the increase of the commerciality are elements that improve its image and introduce it dynamically to the competition. 

The snack – café entrepreneur in Piraeus, acknowledging the value of the cooperation with Innovo Constructions, the company with long – standing experience and continuous technical training, addressed the company for the renovation of its premises. The construction of the café inspired its design from the name of the store. The brand name “Arazo” refers to the type of space that invites consumers to breed and enjoy special beverages and drinks by stimulating their physical and psychological status. 

The unified construction of the customer service bench with the wooden exterior lining allows smooth passage of customers alongside the windowpanes for the selection of products of interest. The glass windows are of modern aesthetics, with vertical and horizontal crystals, escaping from the outdated patterns of curved windows. The monocondyl of the composition is also emphasized by the black metal structure hanging from the roof informing the public about the type of food that is housed in each region. The contrast of black shades with wood creates the warm atmosphere where human contacts and long-term customer relationships are strengthened. 

Lighting with the application of its designs inspires optimism and positivity, casting out anxiety and unpleasant thoughts. During the lighting designs, all the elements of the space were taken into account to create a qualitative and upgraded image to the public. 

The convenience of the public in choosing the products, the proper functionality and the modern aesthetics of the decoration is now a reality. Renovation of snack – coffee aims to satisfy the customer, as this is the key to success.