Snack - café renovation in Petralona

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Snack – café renovation in Petralona 

Investing in the renovation and the upgrading of a snack – coffee shop has been proven to be beneficial to the operation of the business. The place acquires its own identity and the public acquires a pleasant experience that remains indelible in its memory. 

Innovo Constructions completed the design and the construction of the store in Petralona with consistent and effective achievement of the aesthetic renewal of the space and its improved functionality according to the current market trends. Initially, the creative team captured the needs and demands of the entrepreneur, filtering them through their knowledge and experience, reached the final proposal for implementation. 

The organization of the equipment aims at the best service and the attractive image of the space to the public. Extensive electromechanical, cooling-heating and ventilation designs aimed at the proper implementation of new installations in the store. Due to the spatial tightness of the laboratory, the optimal layout of inox equipment within, extensive attention was given to make it easier for employees to work in their everyday lives. 

In the tables’ area, lightwood creates “vivid” contrasts with black metal, giving seriousness and professionalism to the atmosphere. The equipment, the service counter and the serving tables are special constructions tailored to the style and dimensions of the space. The personalized design allows the harmonious coexistence of all elements serving the predefined style of the snack-cafe. 

A characteristic feature of the store is the apple, as it appears from the owner’s name and the business logo. The identity of the business is reflected everywhere. The design of all forms of decoration and the creation of the warm and welcoming atmosphere is done by applying the ideal lighting design. 

The pioneering and modern design reflects the entrepreneur’s ambitions optimally. The successful course of the snack – café in Petralona is judged by the high quality of the products, the immediate service and the attractive design of the facade and the interior of the store.