Snack-café-market construction in Santorini

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Snack-café-market construction in Santorini 

A modern snack – coffee shop in the cosmopolitan Santorini 

The expanded role of a snack – coffee shop makes it necessary to carry out an architectural design of the store before its construction. The demands are increased when the store is on an island like Santorini. However, the evolution of technology allow excellent communication and online viewing of presentations and photorealistic projects, without the need for unnecessary travel. 

During the architectural design of the store, a way of harmonizing the different uses in the elongated main space was to be found. The specialization of Innovo Constructions in the construction and renovation of snack-coffee shops won the entrepreneur’s confidence from the very first contact. The new modern island style was adapted to the island’s tradition and to the owner’s ideals. 

Designers wishing to fully respond to their role in building the shop investigated the increased needs of such a multi-site building in Santorin at the first stage, the competitive environment prevailing in the area, the purchasing habits of the public. In addition, when finalizing proposal, the choice of compositions, furniture and equipment was particularly important as their construction had to be partly done by local garages and partly transported by boat and assembled on site. 

The decoration of the shop is dominated by the white shade, referring to the purity of the figures and the space. So colorful products get the perfect backdrop for them. The environment gets vivid thanks to the soft contrasts of gray cement, lightwood and various lighting techniques. Pop blue touches give brightness and positivity to the island’s atmosphere. 

In short, “consumer” stimuli multiply within the hospitable and comfortable environment inviting the islander and the tourist to reach the store and meet all their needs. Attractiveness, functionality and commerciality co – exist, highlighting the different identity of snack – coffee in the local community.