Snack - café construction “The Golden”

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Snack – café construction “The Golden” 

A new snack-café “The Golden” opens its gates in Evia 

The tradition of “The Golden” stores starts in Serres and travels all over Greece. It is one of the most dynamic businesses in the Greek territory with a continuous upward trend. The collaboration with Innovo Constructions and the construction of the well-known snack-café in Chalkida was a benchmark in its development. 

The creative team of the company adopting the style of the shops “The Golden” proceeded to the complete elaboration of the architectural design for a functional space that represents the values ​​and ideals of the company. Setting new, even more dynamic targets for the future it fully meets the needs of renowned business customers at every moment of the day with unique flavors in a cheerful and friendly environment. 

The construction of the store began with the layout of the space and the arrangement of the equipment. After designing the position of the tables, the corridor, the showcases and the factory, the designers proceeded with organizing the inox equipment to facilitate the employees and meet the needs of the customers. The exterior lining of the equipment is made with wood to match the desired style of the space. Glass displays are made up of vertical and horizontal surfaces, bringing the contemporary aesthetics into the store. 

The decoration of the store is based on the impressive contrast of lightwood with black and white surfaces. The lining of the wall, located next to the stands, with black stone, gives seriousness and professionalism to the store. The overlap of the black and white tile-shaped flooring determines its own role in the aesthetics of the composition, giving style and liveliness inside the snack-cafe store. 

The design of the equipment, the functionality of the decoration and the commercial architecture are in full harmony with the character of the business, the daily demands of the consumer and with the ever-increasing competition. Long-term customer relationships are gaining momentum in the pioneering and stylish environment.