Snack-café construction at Agia Paraskevi 

Snack-café construction at Agia Paraskevi 

The quality of the “Quality” snack – coffee in Agia Paraskevi 

Quality – Functionality – Aesthetics. Three concepts, three values. The snack – café entrepreneur in Agia Paraskevi, wishing to have a store representing these values, contacted Innovo Constructions. The company with consistency and determination is a valuable partner for the entrepreneur aiming at realizing his vision. 

The name of the “Quality” snack – café determines the QUALITY of construction, services and products. All of this was taken into account in order that the name of the company is well represented. The materials used in the construction of the snack – café and the equipment of the area are of high quality and durability ensuring the smooth operation of the store throughout the day. In addition, the ergonomic design of the furniture and the inox equipment makes them ideal for their purpose. 

Innovative and complete renovation and decoration solutions were proposed in two-dimensional designs and photo-realistic images and then implemented. The material that prevails and gives character to the store is the OSB. The woods, which consist of OSB, give vividness and coloration to the wooden surfaces. Its high mechanical strength allows it to be used as a lining material but also as a rack and bench construction material. Its opposition to black surfaces and black linear elements gives seriousness and professionalism to the space. 

The ways and the quality of the lighting used during the renovation of the store play an important role in the operation, comfort and appearance of the shapes and products. The special lighting design with modern systems adopts different scenarios, depending on the needs of this multi-dimensional space during day and night. 

The renovation of the snack-café in Agia Paraskevi aims to increase business efficiency through the successful configuration of the space. The customer’s pleasure in the attractive environment ensures the development of customer relationships and the future profitability of the store.