Snack-café construction at Vari

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Snack-café construction at Vari 

The modern snack-cafe in the center of Vari 

In modern Greece and due to the rapid rhythms of everyday life, there is a rapid increase in snack-cafe stores. Attractiveness combined with the functionality and commerciality of a store are catalytic factors for attracting new customers and maximizing sales. 

The snack-café entrepreneur in Vari wanted to set solid foundations for the development of his business, and addressed Innovo Constructions for the architectural design and the construction of his store. The construction company ensures the implementation of the unique architectural design that represents the desires and personality of its client and the contemporary role that the space is required to play. 

Initially, the proper layout of the furniture was defined, aiming at creating a welcoming environment and at the comfort of both the customer and the employee. The electrical and mechanical installations were placed from the very beginning in the area in order to have complete control and system adequacy, avoiding future damages due to wear and tear. The smooth operation of the store gains the confidence of customers over time. Because, as is well known, visual comfort and visual satisfaction directly affect the consumer’s emotional state and the commercial performance of the space. 

The location of the inox equipment was determined according to the employee traffic diagram and the store’s needs. The choice of multiple cabinets at the back of the bench ensures cleanliness, organization and immediate product finding without the employee losing time looking at the preparation room. The option of placing a split glass, fully opened, on the front of the store allows the passer-by to come into direct visual contact with the service counter and the products. 

The construction of the snack-café in Vari was a multi-faceted project requiring specialized knowledge and continuous technical training. Innovo Constructions is a guarantee of the renovation and construction of professional spaces with the aim of increasing competitiveness and professional development.