Shoe store renovation in Ambelokipi

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Shoe store renovation in Ambelokipi

The “warm” shoe store in Ambelokipi catches the attention

The shoe store in Ambelokipi is a modern venue that hosts shoes for all tastes and needs. Their basic feature is comfort as it is a commodity with anatomy.

The cooperation of the entrepreneur with Innovo Constructions for the architectural design and the construction of his shoe store was a guarantee for the integrity of the store. Style and attractiveness create a pleasant environment that helps promote the maximum number of sales. The appropriate functionality, the ergonomic design of furniture and ensuring the right flow of the customers and the employees ensure the immediate and efficient service and the well-being of the store.

However, in order that the passerby can perceive the best conditions and test the commodity, he must first enter the premises. A key to achieving this goal is the showcase and the exterior of the business. The identity and the high quality of the merchandise are reflected in the well-arranged setting of the glass window, which prepares the possible customer for what he/she will come across in the interior. The quick positive impression and the warm atmosphere of the use of wood sparkles the interest of the person and invites him to pass through the door. The aesthetic balance of the façade with the interior of the store wins the customer’s attention and trust.

The lighting and the optimal use of its capabilities gives the shoe store the style it deserves by focusing the customer’s attention on the merchandise. The uniform general illumination ensures visual comfort, the local lighting puts the shoes in the foreground and the atmospheric as low, warm and gentle illumination shapes the atmosphere.

The renovation of the shoe store in Ampelokipi has ensured visual communication with the customer. Innovo Constructions, making the entrepreneur’s vision a reality, created a modern and warm place where comfort and fashionable footwear is now a fact!