Restaurant construction in Akadimias Street

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Restaurant construction in Akadimias Street 

Unique tasting experiences at the cozy restaurant in Akadimias Street 

A restaurant is known primarily for its quality, immediate service and hospitality. Consumers choose to dedicate time and money to enjoy their meal in a restaurant only if it meets its criteria. Thus, the objective of the entrepreneurs is to modernize the catering market according to market developments in order to attract an increasing number of consumers. 

The restaurant’s entrepreneur at Academias Street, seeking to maximize the benefits to his staff and clients, instructed Innovo Constructions to design and construct his restaurant. The creative team of the company, studying the food production process that is crucial to the design of equipment and the safety of the space, completed the design proposal and presented it in photorealistic designs. Therefore, the investor realized from the outset the new style of the space, the functionality and the total cost of construction. 

The kitchen of the restaurant covers the operational needs of the employees and the owner, while adhering to the safety and accident prevention rules. Proper use and storage of food, cleanliness and proper use of equipment and items ensure the high quality of the products supplied for consumption. 

Eating is done in the cozy and warm area of ​​the trench chairs. The color combination of white and orange-brown compositions “opens” the appetite, stimulating increased consumption. The implementation of the integrated and individualized lighting design was a very important part of the construction. Mild, atmospheric lighting creates a positive and relaxing surrounding for customer hospitality. 

The high aesthetics and the effective coverage of the contemporary requirements of consumers, employees and entrepreneurs lay a solid foundation for the evolution of the restaurant. The renovation of the restaurant helps and aims at faster and more efficient customer service and the increase of orders for consumption.