Restaurant - Bar Construction in Gazi

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Restaurant – Bar Construction in Gazi 

The industrial decoration of the two-floor bar – restaurant in Gazi 

Renovating a bar – restaurant requires technical knowledge, flexibility and mastery in the implementation of the proposals. Harmonizing the environment with new decorative items and smooth coexistence with equipment components pre-existing or pre-selected by the businessperson is a difficult task requiring the intervention of a specialist to resolve the issue. 

For this challenge, the owner of Barrio, the bar-restaurant in Gazi, addressed Innovo Constructions, the specialized company in the design, construction and renovation of food and leisure facilities. With patience and perseverance for the best result, the goal was achieved thanks to the excellent collaboration of the crews and the designing group. The modernization of the floors with industrial elements stimulates the spirit of the customer, leading him to different paths, escaping from ordinary and everyday life. 

The new identity of the bar restaurant creates the illusion of the industrial past of the property. The multi-faceted wall, bar, flooring aesthetically opposed to the black ceiling and its apparent functional features, determine the style. The materials used in this work are durable, time-consuming, each having its own place and importance within the space. Metal, wood, stonework together for an impressive result that awakes the senses. 

Stylish lines and comfort create an atmosphere of relaxation and sophisticated decoration. Lighting has been an important element of the design, and pendant luminaires give grace and align the roof with the ground constructions. The two bars, one on each floor, illuminate in a special way, as they are the main areas of store that welcome the customer while predispose him to the hospitable and humbling atmosphere that surrounds the space as a whole at the same time. 

The final work included the completion of a careful aesthetic of the space. Selected decorative elements were hung on the walls and placed on the tables to meet the sensory needs of even the most discerning customer.