Renovation of the kindergarten in Glyfada

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Renovation of the kindergarten in Glyfada 

The journey to the world of learning begins at the kindergarten in Glyfada 

The right environment inspires and facilitates children to act and grow. The owner of the Glyfada kindergarten, sharing the parents’ concern for a modernized and safe space, and wishing to thank all the families who honored him with their trust for so many years, addressed Innovo Constructions for the renovation and upgrading of his business venue. 

The ultimate goal of both the entrepreneur and the construction company is to achieve learning and co-operation effortlessly and spontaneously through the games. This is why this encouraging and safe environment was renovated to welcome its young friends. The new kindergarten shows the owner’s care for children’s needs and their smooth integration into the modern era. 

The creative team of the company with the sense of responsibility towards the many years of the kindergarten’s service, created a space of high standards for children to grow and develop cheerfully every day. During the architectural design on the renovation of the kindergarten, the most important aspect was the optimal layout in order to organize the special areas of the thematic actions. This avoids squabbling and crowding at specific points in the space. 

Then, each point was designed separately to serve its purpose aesthetically and functionally. Special durable constructions designed with imagination and taste have been tailored to children’s needs and space requirements. Their flexibility allows the configuration of the halls depending on the activities taking place. The design of the lighting is the culmination of all, as it allows the visual comfort and the appearance of the figures. 

The attractive and dreamy pre-school area with the highest standards is located in Glyfada. The renovation of the playground creates the conditions for the first stop of the child’s life to be the start for a fun trip in the field of education, exploration and imagination.