Renovation of the jewelry company Soultos

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Renovation of the jewelry company Soultos 

The new image of the jewelry company “Soultos” 

Maintaining, repairing and upgrading a business property is not an easy task. The success of the project is based on the correct diagnosis, the integrated architectural design and the individual implementation of the proposal, the timetable and the high quality of the operation. 

The options available to the businessperson are many. The cooperation with Innovo Constructions ensures the choice of the appropriate solution according to the needs of the store and the requirements of the employer. The renewal of the store is at a functional, aesthetic and commercial level. Its image before does not remind at all its image afterwards. 

The ultimate goal is the pleasure of the consumer to make increased purchases. Thus, a number of showcases extend into the store displaying the merchandise organized and categorized. Each showcase is accompanied by a multitude of drawers and storage space for easy finding of goods and keeping order. The simple design in black and white contrasts allows jewelry to come close to the eyes of the buying audience, avoiding any illusion. The seriousness and professionalism that prevails in the new formation gives the company a reputation for winning the appreciation and trust of its customers. 

Highlighting the jewels is finalized by the proper implementation of the lighting design, as light directly affects the way consumers perceive the jewelry. The whiteness of platinum is emphasized and the yellow shades of gold are highlighted. Gems shimmer under the targeted beams of light. 

The jewelry shop’s communication character appears at the first glance. The new image of the business is clear and unique. The renovation of the Soultos jewelry company is indissolubly linked to the designers and technicians of Innovo Constructions, with their knowledge, experience and passion. Of course, it expresses the character of the entrepreneur, his personal and aesthetic view, and bears the seal of his choice.