Renovation of the Dermatological Clinic in Metamorfosi

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In a society in which the Western way of thinking and life seeks for “eternal” youth and generally aesthetics, skin is the kaleidoscope of the soul. The branch of dermatology, nowadays, is one of the fastest growing specialties in medicine worldwide. That is why the range of its capabilities is greater than any other specialty. Dermatology is now the most sought-after medical specialty for doctors to practice, as well as for patients, since dermatologists are those who are most well acquainted with skin anatomy and physiology. 

How, however, could the place where the doctors practice not be compatible with decoration and operation? The goal is that the “beauty” of the clinic becomes the “beauty” of the skin. To achieve this, the dermatologist at Metamorphosis had his premises upgraded by Innovo Constructions, the construction company that provides comprehensive solutions for the renovation of a clinic. With adaptability to his needs and flexibility in terms of economic potential, the final proposal was portrayed in photorealistic projects and was worthy of expectations both in ergonomic and aesthetic level. 

The patient entering the renovated clinic meets the reception area. Its elegant design creates a light and optimistic atmosphere, friendly to the patient and his needs. The waiting room is a separate room specially designed for the tranquility and the recreation of the people. The visual cut-off of the living room from the entrance door allows the patient to move in a discreet way, away from strange looks. Because of its simple furnishings, it has been designed so as in each room there is an impressive structure that functions as a decorative and functional element of the compositions. 

An important parameter in the design was the limitation of space interventions, reducing construction time and costs. Therefore, the ceilings were kept as they were. The psychological impact of proper illumination determines the feelings of the patient, reduces anxiety, and increases his or her optimism. The general illumination is achieved by hanging lightings of modern aesthetics from the center of the ceiling ensuring visual comfort. Supplemental luminaires with a brightly directed light beam have been placed in key positions to create effects or to have an intense decorative character, causing shadowing. The artificial combined with the natural lighting shapes the “atmosphere” of the practice. 

The construction of the clinic was completed by applying the plans according to the timetable. Thus, Innovo Constructions consistently and decisively has completed the high-quality renovation in a short term, allowing the immediate re-opening of the clinic for improved patient service. Original designs, new materials and high tech equipment are the basic tools for the further development of the dermatological clinic. 

In recent years, the development of the specialty of dermatology is proportional to new technological achievements and its demand by patients. The dermatologist, knowing the anatomy and physiology of the skin, can advise and heal by achieving his health and aesthetics. 

The dermatologist at Metamorphosis, wanting to upgrade his clinic so that “beauty” originates from his workplace, instructed Innovo Constructions to renovate his practice according to his experience and expertise. The final proposal by the designers was presented in photorealistic images for the best understanding of the solution. Any interventions were still under design. 

During the architectural design, the limitation parameter was set to the minimum of space interventions. Therefore, in order not to cover the ceilings, the general lighting of the rooms is made by hanging lights of modern aesthetics. Supplemental lighting sources are scattered at key points, emphasizing important elements or creating three-dimensional shades. Appropriate illumination highlights the space and acts as a catalyst for the patient’s and his companion’s state of mind. 

With the implementation of the architectural design, all rooms have a simple design with the culmination of a special piece of furniture – eye-catching composition in every room. The aesthetics of the unique piece introduces modern aesthetics and shapes the modern atmosphere. The elegant construction of the reception creates a peaceful feeling to the patient. The expectation of the people in the specially designed sitting room becomes entertaining in a familiar environment. The visual cut of the door from the waiting area allows patients to move discreetly away from the prying eyes. 

Implementing the plans according to the timetable brought the desired result in a short time. The new space is technologically advanced, high aesthetical and functionally organized. Innovo Constructions has consistently and decisively completed the worthy of the practice construction by setting solid foundations for its future development.