Renovation of the Dental Clinic in Paleo Faliro

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Medicine, by its nature, requires the scientist to have a high sense of responsibility, acceptance of his social role, selflessness, emotional maturity and stability, patience, determination and psychological endurance. The basic philosophy of the dentist in Paleo Faliro is perfectly in line with the patient-centered model of medical services and his constant aim is to listen and understand the needs and desires of his patient, respecting the specificities of each case, so that they can end up to a treatment plan that suits him. 

Human contact, a perfectly clean working environment and the application of the most rigorous methods of sterilization are of particular importance to him. The renovation of the practice by Innovo Constructions, the specialized company in the renovation and construction of a clinic, created a modern aesthetic space, well equipped and sophisticated, as to be appropriate to the high-level dental care it serves. Continuous training and expertise of the technicians took into account the needs of the dentist and committed to the excellent quality and superior aesthetics has created a calm, friendly and comfortable environment for patients and their companions. 

The tightness of the waiting area was observed during the design and the layout of the premises. The ergonomic design of the furniture and the flexible structures were designed as the last detail for their harmonious and functional integration into the space. The choice of the white palette for the color rendering of the surfaces “opens” the space and provides the basis from which furnishings, art and accessories really shine. Whiteness gives the interior of the practice a touch of nobility, majesty, simplicity and cleanliness. It also enhances brightness, elegance and relaxation. White is always timeless and never tiring. The contrast with the stone on the wall behind the couch creates a sense of warmth and intimacy. Stone has the advantage of being a highly durable material that maintains its characteristics unchanged over time. 

The appropriate and ergonomic design of the office and examination room is an additional tool for the dentist. The initial electromechanical installation and the extension of the hydraulic systems enabled the equipment to be installed at the desired points for the correct operation of the machines. It also provided infrastructure for future installation of new technological equipment, without the need for extensive work in the area. The organization of dental equipment in the ergonomic drawers helps the doctor maintain the order and excellent hygiene conditions in the room. 

The dental monotony is avoided by using different materials and textures, but mainly by the techniques of lighting. Lighting has a particularly important role, not only to offer reliable solutions to practical issues such as safety and rational use of electricity but also to create comfort and optimism. The playfulness of light and shadow creates volumes and forms in the space. The physical location and the way of supporting the luminaires has been thoroughly designed since the visible effects of lighting are always desired, not the light sources. The equipment used expresses and highlights the particular medical profile of the dentist within an integrated framework. Lighting works in harmony with architecture and decoration, and installation can be easily maintained and provide flexibility in future changes to the layout. 

The dental clinic in Paleo Faliro is now equipped with innovative dental equipment, providing, with a high sense of responsibility to the patient, the opportunity for a unique experience that will make the most of the potential of modern dentistry. Innovo Constructions, fully undertaking the architectural design and the construction of the clinic, has joined forces with the dentist to create its stylish and up-to-date clinic and has created a long-lasting relationship with him.