Renovation of residence in Piraeus

Renovation of residence in Piraeus 

Renovation of the home has upgraded the everyday life of the family 

The search for the ideal solution to create the ideal living conditions in relation to his residence has led the investor to Innovo Constructions and its experienced staff. The expert during his visit to the property noticed details and requirements of the area that did not appear at first sight. After a series of discussions between designers and residents, the creative team produced a comprehensive architectural design giving advice and guidelines. Thus, there was a guarantee of result and control of the investment cost and the time of completion of the project. 

The renovation object was mainly the single area of ​​the living room, dining room and kitchen. The old equipment of the house had been damaged and over time and the change of everyday habits had become inoperable. Innovo Constructions, taking advantage of each square centimeter, has given the required proficiency for beautiful and unforgettable family moments. The new layout of ergonomically designed furniture now perfectly serve the everyday habits of the residents. 

Built-in household appliances and multiple storage areas in the kitchen help to optimize its organization so that it is always clean and tidy. Therefore, the family can enjoy their meals comfortably at the table, which also acts as a divider table between the living room and the kitchen. The lounge and the relaxation area are occupied by the spacious and trendy sofas and the sleek wall-mounted compound in black and white. 

For more formal events and meals with more people, the dining room is reserved. Its perimeter walls are stone-lined, creating a warm and intimate atmosphere. A special point of emphasis is the hanging chandelier above the table giving character to every meal. 

Comfort and elegance are the key elements around which the interior decoration began. The new dwelling now serves its full functional needs and follows the modern aesthetic decoration. The transformation of the house radically changed the family life.