Renovation of playground - children's club in Keratsini

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Renovation of playground – children’s club in Keratsini 

A club on the measures and needs of children 

Dance is a way of expressing emotions. The person gains confidence in himself, improves self-confidence, spontaneity is activated, and communication is enhanced. So why do all these positive elements only be experienced by adults in entertainment centers? 

The entrepreneur at Keratsini, reckoning the benefits of dancing for children, has constructed his own space as a dance and entertainment center for young people. His companion on this trip was Innovo Constructions, which with the experience and technical training in design, ergonomics and aesthetics laid the foundations for an attractive and lucrative business. 

The creative team during the renovation of the playground initially put a special emphasis on the arrangement of the space to facilitate the relaxation of the escorts and the parents, while at the same time taking children’s actions unhindered. The location of the tables, the bars, the dance floor, the buffet make it easier for people to move, even when there is a lot of crowding, as in the case of a party. 

During the construction of the playground, the electromechanical installation for the optimal operation of the luminaires and the machines was made from the beginning. The necessary facilities were provided and the infrastructure for the future installation of new machinery in the equipment was provided as well. 

In decorating and highlighting the styles, compositions, and structures of the playground, lighting and color rendering played an important role. The application of the integrated architectural design allows the creation of a familiar feeling, a friendly and welcoming environment, winning the visitors in comfort and aesthetics. 

The colorful and playful style of the children’s club in Keratsini “speaks” to the children’s souls, causing more intense expression of emotions to spree. Dance is a means of expression that does not allow limitations. Under the supervision of the escorts and safely, the children are co-mingled, excited and entertained!