Renovation of Hair Passion hair salon

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Renovation of Hair Passion hair salon 

The passion for hairdressing gives style to the hair salon 

Passion for beauty, passion for creation, passion for life. The name of the salon would not be able not to be completely represented by the business, the aesthetics of the store, and the helpfulness of the employees. The salon promises stunning hairstyles and unique treatment of the hands and the feet in the modernized store, that captivates the senses! 

The choice of the businessperson to work with Innovo Constructions was the key to success in renovating the salon. The creative team with passion and imagination initially recorded the demands of space for upgrading and the needs of the hairdresser for renewal in order for the result to be worthy of expectations. Innovo then presented its proposal with 3D designs and photo-realistic images in order to have a complete understanding of the proposal before starting the project. 

During the architectural design, special attention was paid to the optimal layout of the spaces to facilitate the movement of people inside. At the entrance, the client meets the reception where the cheerful receptionist offers to serve him/her. Owing to the many working seats, multiple hairstyling is allowed, thus reducing waiting time. The treatment of the lower limbs is distinctive as a translucent panel in which a pattern corresponding to the style of the salon has been placed separates the positions. 

With regard to the aesthetics of the salon, the brown shades on leather linings and equipment give warmth and liveliness in the atmosphere. The customers feel intimate while also confident that they can often visit the store to receive the embellishments and treatments that suit them. The uniform illumination and the extended hallway ensure visual and spatial comfort while staying in the salon. 

The attractive style and modern identity of the salon stimulates the interest of the individual gaining his trust. Innovo Constructions, thanks to its expertise in the design and construction of a hairdressing salon, has completed an original work of worthy admiration and worthy of expectations.