Renovation of gynecology practice in Vasilisis Sofias Avenue

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In the gynecology practice, the problems affecting the woman are effectively identified and addressed. It also provides extensive support, comprehensive care and assistance to pregnant women and their family, from the beginning of pregnancy to delivery and the first major months at home. It is therefore conceivable that the gynecological clinic is an area that is primarily addressed to the woman and is called upon to address its concerns and fears, to examine her and to take care of her, to inform her and to guide her, to cure gynecological problems. 

The aesthetics of the space, the flexibility of the layout of the equipment, the organizational structure contribute to the fragile psychological state of the woman to make positive thoughts and to feel calmer in a familiar, hospitable, comfortable environment. The gynecologist at Vas. Sofias Avenue, giving value to the woman and her needs, proceeded to a renovation of her practice by addressing Innovo Constructions. The company, having the technical experience and the necessary knowledge, proceeded to the upgrade and construction of the practice. 

The office renovation was started from the reception and the waiting room. Earthy colors bring the necessary “warmth” and tranquility into the atmosphere. Strong contrast with white enhances the professionalism and seriousness of the space. Wood with its timeless value creates an intimate and inviting seating area for pregnant women and patients. The impressive composition with three-dimensional panels on the wall opposite the reception draws the eyes of the attendees so that by looking at it, they spend more time pleasantly. Its embossed form creates play with light and shadow giving volume and interest to a usual wall surface. The illumination of the practice has been thoroughly designed as it contributes to the formation of the atmosphere. The attention to detail is even shown by the graphic design of the space with the corresponding markings on the doors. 

The examination room moves in different color tones. The bright purple is an interesting choice of a royal color that yields a beautiful and friendly result. It is a relaxing color that strengthens the female element, the perfect antidote for a stressful situation. The ergonomic functionality of furniture and equipment shows the necessary respect and discretion towards the female sex. 

The lining of the floor of the entire practice with wood imitation tiles brings the “warmth” to all the spaces. At the same time, the visual continuity of the rooms is enhanced, maintaining the necessary hygiene conditions. This material retains all the advantages of wood, eliminating its negative elements such as fast wear, absorbency, gritting. 

The construction of the gynecological clinic was successfully completed, making the doctor’s vision a reality. Innovo Constructions, with passion and determination, transformed a classic gynecological space into a modernized, high-aesthetic practice with modern technological capabilities. The renovation of the clinic contributes to strengthening women’s psychology, facilitating processes, improving interpersonal relationships. 

The gynecology practice is the place that revolves around women and its increased needs for care, prevention, information, examination, guidance, therapy. The ergonomic arrangement of the equipment and the modern aesthetics improve the woman’s experience in the field and work beneficially to her psychology. 

The gynecologist at Vas. Sofias Avenue, wanting to show her unlimited respect for the needs of the female sex, decided to proceed with the renovation of her practice by contacting a specialized company with experience in the same field. Innovo Constructions, having in its capability a number of perfectly integrated medical facilities, combined the modern decoration with the functionality and the needs of the gynecologist and the woman in her unique proposal. 

The construction of the practice played a key role in shaping the reception and waiting room. Earthy colors give “warmth” and tranquility to the atmosphere, while enhancing the seriousness and professionalism of the space. The original construction opposite the reception gives volume and style to an indifferent wall surface. Three-dimensional panels are an innovative solution that gives style and attracts people’s attention. 

The lighting of each room has been designed in detail to create the right conditions for visual comfort depending on the activity being hosted. The unity of the different spaces is achieved with the unified floor coatings with wood imitation tiles. All beneficial properties of wood remain while negative elements are extinguished (e.g. creaking, absorbency, rapid wear). This ensures the cleanliness of the premises and the excellent sanitary conditions of the practice. 

The new gynecology practice is fully modernized and personalized to the needs of the woman. The architectural design and its implementation by Innovo Constructions led to the construction of a pioneering practice worthy of expectations. The technologically advanced space now has all the resources to facilitate processes, psychological support for women and the development of interpersonal relationships.