Renovation of General Surgery Practice

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Surgery is a sector of ​​medicine that has experienced impressive developments in recent years. The explosive evolution of biomedicine, technology, informatics, genetics, and immunobiology has given a huge boost to medical knowledge and offers new diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities, while opening up new horizons. Nowadays new diagnostic methods are introduced and new surgical techniques are devised with safer preoperative diagnosis and more effective and economical treatment. It is now common belief that surgery is undergoing radical changes not only in the diagnostic process but mainly in the treatment of the surgical patient. The humanitarian treatment of the patient, however, does not only depend on the doctor’s knowledge and techniques, but on the quality of communication and the hospitable environment. 

The General Surgical Doctor decided to upgrade the area by renovating his surgery. A decisive factor in this investment was the choice of Innovo Constructions as a partner to make his vision a reality. The company’s experience and professionalism has been combined with the physician’s modernization and functionality needs for a flawless outcome. After the space was imprinted, the new layout of the spaces was defined in two-dimensional designs. The final proposal was then presented by the company in drawings and photorealistic images so that the doctor could fully understand it and put any objections to it. Prior to the start of the project, the choice of materials, textures, coatings, colors and patterns was made, thus creating the correspondence of the images with the reality. 

The construction of the practice was carried out by the crew of the company under the supervision of the foreman. Therefore, the doctor would speak with only one person about the progress of the project, reducing the stress and the confusion that many crews have. The timetable was fully respected and the architectural design accurately became an act. Any issues that emerged were solved in a direct, drastic and decisive way. 

The baroque decoration of the practice is perceived by the patient’s entry into the space. The sense that it transmits is as if it is traveling to other times, with less problems and anxiety. Excessive use of decorative, dramatic use of lighting, large decorative representations and visual fraud techniques create a warm and interesting environment. Suspended chandeliers, sofas, furniture, paintings, decorated ceilings are moving in Baroque style. The peculiarities of the space allow the intelligent integration of all elements into the modern design with absolute success. The intense Baroque style and the simple and clean lines of the modern style are combined in a unique way. The visual continuity is enhanced and the decorative effect becomes explosive. 

The office in a similar style takes over the area with its imposing bearing. The full library, which extends behind the doctor’s chair, points to the scientist’s high training and constantly informed. During the renovation of the practice, the ideal places for the latest technology equipment were provided. Rich curtains diminish the brightness of the sun, creating a warm environment. 

The lighting of all rooms was designed with great care. The main lighting of the rooms is made with chandeliers. Additional illumination gives the necessary diffusion of light into the space to achieve harmony and visual comfort. Different lighting sources regulate the appropriate conditions in each space depending on the activities taking place in it. 

The patient’s doctor relationship is definitely a complicated relationship characterized by many and difficult balances. Innovo Constructions contributes constructively to this relationship by shaping the right environment and the ideal atmosphere for developing a relationship of trust. The construction of the practice has created the right conditions for the doctor’s comfortable work and patient satisfaction.