Renovation of general medicine practice

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Renovation of general medicine practice 

A modern general medicine practice 

A modern office is characterized by the specialist’s medical knowledge, but also its elegance and functionality. The impeccable combination of the above requires a detailed architectural design to achieve the maximum exploitation and modernization of the space combined with the comfortable hospitalization of the patients in a “warm” and optimistic environment. 

Innovo Constructions initiated the renovation of the general medicine practice in Halandri with the will and imagination in order to achieve the goal of creating a space of high standards and requirements. The decoration started from the layout of the apartment and the distribution of the space according to the needs of the property and the doctor. The new style is depicted on surfaces, walls, ceiling, equipment with the balanced use of coatings and decorative elements. 

Stone and wood dominate the aesthetics of the waiting area. The familiar environment relaxes the patient physically and psychologically. The ergonomic reception desk located near the entrance allows the patient to be immediately serviced while making his / her presence discreet as the guests await in the living room. The warmth of the reception area positively predisposes the patient for later rehabilitation procedures. 

Lighting is the last and most important parameter in the comfort of the spaces and in the shaping of their aesthetics. It affects the mood and creates the ideal atmosphere for the activities that take place throughout the operation of the clinic. In the waiting area, the lighting is evenly distributed, while the hidden lighting contributes to the creation of the romantic atmosphere. The examination room and the doctor’s office show their purity and the aesthetics of their decoration. 

During the design and the construction of the clinic, Innovo Constructions took care of the high quality, durability and aesthetics of the project up to the last detail. The continuous oversight of specialist crews and the implementation of the timetable brought a new practice worthy of expectations with a contemporary profile.