Renovation of Childrenswear store in Kefalonia

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Renovation of Childrenswear store in Kefalonia

A clothing store designed exclusively for children

Renovating a store with childrenswear requires a special architectural design in order to create a fashionable space that expresses the young ages and has personal style and character. The need for a complete decoration and equipment solution is great and varies due to increased competition in the market.

The design of furniture, colors and lighting in the childrenswear store in Kefalonia aims at classifying and highlighting the merchandise in a friendly environment and in renewing the interest of the local public’s purchasing community for this particular business. Innovo Constructions’ many years of experience in renovating and constructing clothing stores makes it able to propose innovative solutions and ideas by incorporating new trends in the design and style of the store.

The pun of the name of the business predisposes the public to clothing intended for children of both sexes. Lighting functions catalytically, making the separation of goods in boyish and girlish. At the same time, the graphics of the store have been created with care and imagination, directing the client.

The graphic design and the original construction of the reception desk are perceived by the passer-by as they are visible from the entrance. The light-hearted aesthetics of the counter-cash table mesmerizes the eyes of young people bringing the joy of youth to the atmosphere of the store. Of course, in the same style, the whole store is designed, with the cube as the dominant structure for decorating and creating shelves for display and storage.

The new store features aesthetics and personality but above all functionality and comfort, in order to attract new customers. The development of technology and communication means enables Innovo Constructions to work together with the entrepreneur for the complete architectural design and construction of his shop despite its long distance from its headquarters.