Renovation of aesthetics center in Perissos

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Renovation of aesthetics center in Perissos 

Grooming becomes art at the aesthetics center in Perissos 

A beauty center offering beauty services promises both psychological support and positive energy to the client. At the same time, the aesthetics of the space must express the employee and the functions to facilitate him for more efficient and inspiring work. However, how can all these be combined? Finding the right partner with expertise is the weapon for building a substantial renovation respecting the company’s lifetime. 

Innovo Constructions completed the radical renovation of the aesthetics center in Perissos with passion and creativity. The creation of an attractive, pleasant environment inside the store was carried out in style and high aesthetics. 

The whiteness that refers to cleanliness and professionalism gets vivid with the pop strokes of the equipment. The philosophy of the business gives priority to the customer and its needs. For this reason, the working seats are comfortable and accented with the intense color options. With its intense color contrasts, the room acquires a pop style that captivates the senses. 

The culmination of all is the lighting, which was applied after a detailed lighting design. Optical comfort allows true color rendering to avoid misleading. Lighting highlights shapes and compositions, while creating ideal working conditions. 

At the beginning of project, adherence to timetables is the basic rule for the smooth operation of the company and the perfect completion of the project. High-quality and durable materials are sampled and suggested to the businessperson to come up with the choices that satisfy him. The correct implementation of the architectural design of the store guarantees the coordinated work of the technicians and the immediate completion of the project. 

The new business is aesthetically and functionally upgraded and modernized to offer its high quality services to the public. The unique beauty treatment with original designs and shades in a welcoming environment, earns consumer confidence every day.