Pharmacy Construction in Rentis

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The unified image kept by the pharmacists and the public in the past few years has changed. Due to increased competitiveness, each pharmacy searches its own unique style to distinguish and attract the buying audience.

The new identity of the pharmacy in Rentis determines the forms, the ergonomics, and the aesthetics of the space both inside and outside. Innovo Constructions, the specialized company in the design, construction and renovation of a pharmacy, completed the design and supervision of the pharmacy construction.

The shaping of the exterior face with the green metallic cross-shaped structure and the decorative leaflets reflect the new style of the store. The facade with attracts the passer’s interest and the automatic door is a courteous call for the person to enter the drugstore.

Inside the interior, the originality of constructions and the innovation of compositions bring the customer closer to nature. The pharmacy is built with organic shapes harmoniously integrated into the whole, creating a unique atmosphere, welcoming and full of vitality. The roof plays a key role in shaping the final picture of the pharmacy as the giant luminaires are reflected in the equipment of the store. Gentle general lighting contrasts with the intense lighting in the furniture making it even more impressive.

Customized furniture and equipment, and the parallel application of merchandising techniques ensure optimum product display. Appropriate labeling contributes effectively to communicating with the public and directing it to the site. Grouping makes it easier for the customer to find similar products and compare each other.

Customer satisfaction that has made the most profitable market remains indelible in his memory by inviting him to come back whenever necessary. In this way, the pharmacy gains the trust of the purchasing audience, thus increasing its customer base and sales.

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