Pharmacy Construction in Kiato

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The pharmacy in Kiato is a reference point for the local population. The architecture of the building is perfectly combined with the equipment of the pharmacy, leading to a harmonious yet impressive result. The unique identity of the pharmacy adopts all modern consumer trends and applies new methods to create the right environment that remains indelible in the memory of the individual and at the same time promotes the markets.

Innovo Constructions has proceeded to the design and construction of the pharmacy with the desire and imagination, creating unique structures that stand out. The central element of the store resembles a bright sculpture of unique inspiration and creation. Its construction is made of wood, metal frame, elastic membrane and luminaires. Its role is threefold: functional, having at its base the showcases of products and integrating the two floors, aesthetics, giving attractiveness and uniqueness to the space, and commercial, making the pharmacy popular and attracting a larger buyer audience.

The color choices for decorating the pharmacy in combination with lighting create a tranquil yet vibrant atmosphere. The capacity is emitted by the bright sculpture and is reflected in all the windows and equipment of the store. Corrugated graphics create guidelines for the audience while integrating spaces with different uses.

You can go up to the floor either from the remarkable stairwell with the bright stairs or from the fully modernized and fast lift. The panoramic view of the bright sculpture shows the grandeur of construction. The auxiliary areas are located at the back of the pharmacy, since the aim at the outset was to leave the circular form of the pharmacy unaffected.

The uniqueness and imaginative construction of the pharmacy in Kiato is the force for its competitiveness. Its communication character leads to increased commerciality and markets. Original aesthetics concepts come into play with modern materials for an exquisite and worthy outcome.

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