Plastic Suregery Practice Construction in Kolonaki

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The charisma of communication, mood and sense of responsibility for health services remain important properties of a good doctor. A modern doctor is the one who gives the healing direction, and this requires, in addition to scientific knowledge, a robust dose of optimism in a friendly and comfortable environment. The way of developing, siting and decorating a practice is directly related to the doctor’s specialty, his needs and his patient’s requirements. Trends in medicine change with a frequency proportional to the requirements of growth, technology and fashion. 

The doctor in Kolonaki, taking the decision to put his practice in a man-centered way, decided to construct it. The plastic surgeon’s practice is a brilliant example of the classic style by Innovo Constructions, fully meeting the doctor’s expectations. Through the experience and technical training, with a successful professional career in the construction and renovation of practices, the company has filtered the doctor’s requirements and created a functional, intimate and hospitable space for patients and clients. Because we should not forget that not only patients who for medical reasons need some surgery visit the doctor of cosmetic medicine, but also people who want to beautify, to change something in their bodies for purely aesthetic reasons and find again their lost youth. 

As a basic material, wood was selected for the “warmth” it offers. Wood is a polymorphic material that can be incorporated into any space. In the waiting area over the wooden floor, the wood is lining the walls. The classic result is so familiar to the customer, who feels like he is at home. The bright colors of furniture emphasize them and their usability. Recreational elements of the space are the television and the magazines so that time passes more pleasantly. The informative character of the flyers at the table allows customers to be informed about new methods and modern interventions. Information of the person on the topic that interests him mitigates his anxiety before meeting with the doctor. 

The comfort of the space is achieved visually and thermally. Lighting is a vital element in every workplace but mainly in a practice. A well-lit practice always has a beneficial effect on the customer’s mood. The bright and cheerful waiting area gets positive feedback from patients. The melancholy thoughts leave and negative feelings become positive. Hidden lighting creates a serene atmosphere that offers relaxation and reduce the stress of the customer. Natural lighting is allowed according to the needs of the day. Movable blinds in earthy colors blend harmoniously with the aesthetics of the waiting area. The heat of the room is regulated by the two air conditioners that are in critical locations for the uniformity of temperature in the air. 

Indoors, the doctor’s office strengthens communication and exudes credibility. The quality of dialogue and positive communication is very important. Because the patients should be able to work constructively with him and be proud to have this doctor. Creating the right environment contributes to this delicate alchemy. Customer discretion is enhanced by the flexibility of the premises and the ergonomic design of the equipment. 

The construction of the practice enhances positive communication, builds relationships of trust and makes the difference. Innovo Constructions is at the doctor’s side and at the end of the project, with consistent and continuous dedication. The aura of the practice exudes a level of comfort while maintaining professional appearance. Patients enjoy the “homemade” atmosphere and feel empathy and attention to detail.