Photography Store Construction

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Photography, modern times, is an art. Its evolution is in line with the development of technology with many prospects of exploring its potential and broadening its horizons. The photographic technician is required to have complete knowledge about the techniques and ways of taking photography, as well as the proper handling of his or her means. At the same time, it is involved in printing the photos for the best quality and aesthetic result, using the appropriate electronic programs.

As art, the space of creation and work could not be outdated and worn out. The friendly, warm and intimate environment inspires the artist and then the audience who visits it. Adopting these values the renovation of the photographer’s office in Vari was completed by Innovo Constructions, the specialized company in the design and construction of professional premises. Metal, glass and wood, work together harmoniously to a highly aesthetic result.

The minimalistic design is combined with industrial elements for the modernization of the store. The color choices avoid tensions so the environment is calm and relaxing, ideal for work. Gray offers sophisticated style and professionalism while beige gives a more natural feel. Combining these two colors creates a stylish decoration with character and liveliness.

During the renovation of the commercial space, particular emphasis was placed on the electrical and mechanical installations. Replacing old and damaged systems with new high quality and modern design materials allows smooth operation of lighting and machinery according to the modern specifications required. This avoids damage and dysfunctional problems in the long run.

The construction of the office inspires the trust of the public as elements of the space highlight the technical training, the artistic view, and the knowledge of the photographer’s abilities using the modern technology. The style of the new space hosts, inspires, projects, gives value to the profession and to the photographer.