Photography Store Architectural Design in Vari

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Which elements make a “good” photographer and make him stand out from the increased competition of the time we are in? The complete knowledge about the profession, the technical training for the ways to take photos and their processing with the modern technologically advanced equipment, the impeccable quality and high aesthetic printing of the pictures make a professional photographer and artist.

How, however, can the client perceive the value of a photographer unknown to him? The highlight of his work in a hospitable and modern office gives value to the professional and his services. For this reason, the photographer in Vari applied to Innovo Constructions, the specialized company in the renovation and construction of professional premises, for the complete elaboration of the architectural design of his store. The high aesthetics refers to a modernized and technologically advanced store that can meet all the expectations of the customer.

The design proposal adopts the industrial style with minimalistic mood. Metal and wood are synonymous with a harmonious result. Its great resistance of OSB makes it ideal for the construction of the dividing wall giving style and character to the photographer’s office. The extended use of OSB in decoration and building creation gives the environment a special aesthetic that remains indelible in the memory of the customer.

During the architectural design, special emphasis is placed on the uniqueness of the elements of the store and the lighting design. Personalized furniture and equipment construction are in line with the identity of the photographer, while they are completely functional, covering the photographer’s particular work and projection needs. The choice of ideal luminaires to achieve visual comfort with the proper diffusion of lighting into the atmosphere highlights the whole store.

The evolution of the photographer’s profession in Vari goes hand in hand with the development of technology and the modernization of the space. Because, let us not forget, that photography is a kind of art and indeed very demanding.