Pharmacy Design & Decoration in Egaleo

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  • pharmacy-renovation-pharmacy-aigaleo


How can a pharmacy stand out through competition and attract new customers? The training of the pharmacist, the aesthetics and the functionality of the internal as well as the external environment contribute catalytically to the success of the pharmacy. The design for the construction of the pharmacy in Egaleo by Innovo Constructions is a brilliant example of the modernization and attractiveness of the space in modern decoration lines.

The communicative character of the facade expresses the unique identity of the space and with clear messages encourages passers-by to enter. The Pharmacy Design follows the merchandising principles for an efficient investment. The new entrant has a visual contact with all the points of the area, enabling him to direct himself to the area of ​​interest either to the service reception or to the product display showcases. The bright central gondolas in the store and the design of special displays at key points prompt consumers to make impulsive purchases.

The lighting of the space determines the appearance of the shapes, structures and finally the products. The comfortable visual atmosphere gives positivity and optimism to the attendees. Each space has specific needs in light. There is no “general recipe” that can be applied everywhere. Visual satisfaction is directly related to natural and artificial lighting, the appearance of materials and shapes, the brightness of the surfaces, generally improves the perception of the environment, creating an interesting setting.

The aim is the harmonious coexistence of the decoration with the products and their special markings. The pharmacy and its venue, external and internal, is the most valuable tool in the hands of a pharmacist to promote his business. Innovo Constructions with its trained personnel and long-standing experience in the design, construction of pharmacies is always on the side of the pharmacist, helping him to lay solid foundations for the future development of his business.