In modern times, the scientific role of the pharmacist has expanded into a more entrepreneurial role. Thus, the pharmacy necessarily becomes a more commercial space, where health, beauty and wellness services and products are now available for all ages. Innovo Constructions made the adjustment of the construction of the new pharmacy in Agios Dimitrios to its current needs, in cooperation with the pharmacist.

Escaping from standard patterns with linear and squared features, the new showcase looks like it is out of the future. Two bright “circles” enclose the table of on-call time and special products. As the passerby approaches to see what was interesting to him, a giant automatic door opens, inviting him to pass the entrance and enter the drugstore.

Due to its location next to the subway and the size of the store, the pharmacy at Agios Dimitrios is out of the ordinary district pharmacies. Its attractive style, the plethora of products, the way of classification, the special signage function as an over-the-top market, ready to satisfy even the most demanding customer. Merchandising techniques have been implemented from the planning stage in order to achieve excellent organization and continuous challenge to the public for spontaneous purchases.

Significant evidence for the appearance of all forms and goods is the lighting during the construction of the pharmacy. The psychological impact of lighting determines the breadth and the variety of sales. The calm, comfortable and friendly atmosphere acts as a catalyst to relieve stress, allowing the customer to do his own research and find the product that satisfies him.

The renovation of the pharmacy gave the site a new identity, professionalism and prestige. The innovation and differentiation of the individualized construction of Innovo Constructions introduces the new pharmacy dynamically to the increased competition of the modern demanding market making the pharmacist’s vision a reality.

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