Pharmacy Construction in Voula

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In modern times, high competitiveness and increased consumer demands cause pharmacists to create unique stores, hospitable, intimate, attractive, and functional. The collaboration of the pharmacist in Voula with Innovo Constructions, which specializes in the manufacture and decoration of a pharmacy, is an essential step in order to achieve the above objectives.

The architectural design for the construction of the pharmacy in Voula started from the operating systems of the store. All serve the ultimate goal of facilitating the pharmacist at work and the comfortable experience of the consumer. Existing ventilation and plumbing systems have been tested and modified. The electromechanical and cooling-heating installations were re-designed.

Comfort is not enough to increase sales. The innovative three-dimensional cross outside the pharmacy clearly marks the location of the store while being clearly visible from a distance. The layout of the pharmacy inside, the arrangement of the furniture, the organization, the application of merchandising methods cause passers-by to enter the pharmacy and become clients. In addition, aesthetics and modern style create positive thoughts for the consumer, giving the store a new sensation away from the coldness that a health space exudes.

The warm atmosphere is achieved with the color choices that dominate the decoration and the ideal lighting. Earthly and neutral shades create a relaxing and tranquil environment suitable for viewing products in the foreground. The original ceiling with round and linear luminaires gives color to the pharmacy by transforming it every day so that every customer experience in it is different.

The image of the new pharmacy is clear and unique, just like the new pharmacist’s personality. All designed and built with respect to the customer’s physical and psychological needs. Functionality and aesthetics are combined with commerciality in a harmonious outcome worthy of expectations.