When talking about a fully modernized pharmacy, we refer to the pharmacy in Petroupoli. Automation, modern facilities, original constructions, the use of innovative materials highlight the pharmacy of the future in modern times. The renovation of the pharmacy was completed by Innovo Constructions in collaboration with the pharmacist, achieving an excellent result that exceeds all expectations.

Particular features characterizing the manufacture of the pharmacy are the luminous creations of the space. The buyer initially crosses a light gate to enter the drugstore. Then luminous linear elements that change colors attract the interest of the person, emphasizing the position of the projected products. The light benches with special markings promise immediate, fast and quality customer service. Hidden lighting emphasizes perimeter display windows emphasizing elegance and products. Of course, as the crowning of all individual tricks, a uniform diffused illumination ensures visual comfort in space.

The attractiveness of the new style of pharmacy coexists with merchandising for the benefit of the entrepreneurial space. The implementation of an integrated merchandising plan ensures and guarantees customer satisfaction combined with the prospect of increased sales due to impulsive purchases.

During layout and design, special care was given to the more efficient installation site and the harmonious integration of the robotic system into the central concept of implementation. Its large volume is offset by the benefits of direct storage, sorting and delivery of the drugs at the touch of a button. In this way, the pharmacist devotes all his attention and time to customer service without wasting time to find the right formulation.

The pharmacy of the future combines high aesthetics with ergonomics, commercialism and modern technological achievements for the benefit of both the customer and the employee. Thus, interpersonal relationships and communication are strengthened, competitiveness is growing and sales are rising.

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