Pharmacy Construction in Perama

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The construction of the pharmacy in Perama is a strategic move for the pharmacist to become dynamic in the market and to attract the local market audience. The personality of the pharmacist is reflected in the contemporary lightness of the space, giving a fresh breath to the importance of the pharmacy for the everyday life of man, escaping from the standard supply of drugs prescription.

The design and construction of the pharmacy was completed by Innovo Constructions in collaboration with the scientist-entrepreneur. Through the earliest meetings, the designers have been able to visualize the investor’s expectations, so that the result responds to her needs. The presentation of the proposal was made through photorealistic images and drawings, so that there is a complete understanding of the constructions and aesthetics of the space.

Work began on the facades of the pharmacy. The high glass windows partly cut the visibility into the interior, causing the passerby to come in to look for the product that interests them. In this way, he meets the pharmacist, who advises him, encourages him and directs him to correct shopping options.

The merchandising techniques applied on the exterior as well as inside the pharmacy have the ultimate goal of encouraging impulsive shopping. Therefore, the customer feels comfortable and continues with his purchases without realizing that the way the products were placed, has prompted him to make some non-list purchases. At the same time, the friendly atmosphere and the familiar environment make the overall experience pleasant and efficient.

On the part of the pharmacist, the ultimate goal of increasing sales has been achieved. The new store has its own identity that stems from pioneering constructions and unique compositions. The consequence of the style that dominates the decoration of the pharmacy leads to a harmonious result that remains indelible in the memory of customers.

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