The futuristic design of the pharmacy in Nea Erythrea with the curves and the original decoration elements is perceived at the first glance of the passerby. The oval shape is the special motif that characterizes the space. The central display of the glass windows, the recesses in wall-mounted windows and the lighting fixtures follow the dominant idea, giving “warmth” and friendliness to the atmosphere.

Lighting affects both physical and psychological ability. The visual comfort combined with the serene and optimistic atmosphere that helps the client reduce his stress and boost sales are the main goals of a successful lighting design. The intensity, the kind, the alternations vary according to the activities that take place at every point in the store and determine the appearance of the forms and the products.

The decoration shades in the pharmacy are neutral, referring to simplicity and purity, balancing the dynamics of the particular compositions that have been selected. At the same time, the implementation of merchandising techniques was completed, emphasizing its consumer and commercial character. The products are categorized and classified with the appropriate markings facilitating the self-handling of the individual.

Another special feature of the pharmacy is the automatic door of the entrance. The purpose of this choice during the design is one: to facilitate the passer-by entering the drugstore. Essentially, the interior and exterior are unified, removing every public reluctance to pass through the entrance and motivating them to “look” at the decor and the merchandise.

The new identity of the pharmacy in Nea Erythrea magnetizes and impresses the audience with its prestige and professionalism. Innovo Constructions, with its expertise and years of experience in the design, construction and renovation of a pharmacy, has completed an original project where the attractiveness and functionality of constructions express the philosophy of the pharmacist and create a pleasant environment of worthy admiration.

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