Pharmacy Construction in Megara

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The renovation of the pharmacy in Megara was the official garment in order to make its impressive entry into the demanding area of ​​its branch with increased competition and modernized role. His new character provides services and products of health, beauty and wellness in a warm and welcoming environment.

The consistency of the aesthetics of the space inside and outside the pharmacy shows the consistency of the forms and creates a single and unique image in the mind of the client. The austerity and organization of the new class easily and clearly transmits the messages to the client. Thus, window displays only display ads avoiding the commodity exposure so they are more spacious and comprehensible.

Inside the pharmacy, the renovated space brings to the public a unique experience that unfolds in a regular, modern and clean store with the right lighting and the ideal classification – product categorization. Personalized and flexible construction of furniture and equipment allow transformation and re-ordering of the way the products are displayed so that the pharmacist can make changes at regular intervals at no cost, thus creating a new image of the shop. The placement of the drawers is recessed, away from the customer’s eye, thus giving a better viewing position and emphasis on parapharmaceutical products.

The unique ceiling and application of the lighting design according to the pharmacy zones ensures the comfortable stay of the customers in the store. The illumination with ceiling lights emphasizes window displays and exhibits, directing the interest of the person directly onto the products.

The construction of the pharmacy in Megara highlights its social role, strengthens its communicative character and its advisory role to patients. In Innovo Constructions’ modern work, aesthetics, functionality and commerciality find the optimal balance to a flawless result.

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