Pharmacy Construction in Mavili's Square


The construction of the pharmacy by qualified associates is a strategic investment as it determines the personality of the pharmacist, the quality of the service and the identity of the site. The central location of the pharmacy in Mavilis Square played an important role in shaping its communicative character during the design by Innovo Constructions.

On the front, two large crosses of modern technology and a distinctive sign mark the use of space making the pharmacy perceived from a long distance. The gentle design of the glass window allows the stylish in-wall display of the on-call display and the display of special products. Thus, the interest of passers-by mobilizes at first glance, prompting them to enter the drugstore for further information and products.

The comfortable atmosphere of the interior and the attractiveness of the constructions gain the impressions. Coating the floor with a wood chipboard ensures optimum cleanliness of the space due to the tile properties and the warmth of the environment. The choice of gray and white tones for the renovation of the pharmacy creates a light background that allows the colorful packaging of the products to be displayed in the foreground. Therefore, the eye is not tired of choosing products, avoiding any confusion.

However, the highlighting of all forms and structures is completed with the lighting. The luminous strips joining the two sides of the store stretching across the ceiling create a unity in space and a sense of coherence and integration. Everything is designed taking care of the smallest detail in order that the buying audience experience a special experience in the pharmacy.

In the pharmacy of Mavilis Square, it is understood that simplicity can be combined with aesthetics and functionality for an attractive result. The new identity of the pharmacy makes it stand out in ever-increasing competitiveness, prompting the public to make impulsive purchases with the ultimate goal of increasing sales.

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