Pharmacy Construction in Koropi

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The attractiveness and functionality of the pharmacy creates the right conditions for the unique experience of the customer in the field. At the same time, merchandising applications increase merchandising by targeting higher sales. In short, the pharmacist as a scientist but also as an entrepreneur struggles for his professional and financial success.

The pharmacist in Koropi contacted Innovo Constructions to design her space, saving time and money to achieve the desired result. The appropriate aesthetic and functional interventions in the pharmacy create a comfortable environment, intimate and hospitable. So the buying audience feels beautiful, serene, optimistic, staying in the drugstore as long as it takes to complete its purchases.

During the design of the pharmacy, special emphasis was placed on the external facades and the smooth integration into the surrounding area. The original pillar with the bright cross makes the location of the pharmacy visible from a long distance. The special design and the unique construction of the external markings and signs create the first positive impression on the buying public.

The high quality of the exterior looks for what is happening in the interior. The decoration and renovation of the pharmacy moves in the same color tones with earthy shades, creating a smooth connection and a feeling of consistency of the outside with the inside. The organization, class and categorization of products allows for direct orientation of the individual. Pharmacy equipment and furniture are specialized solutions specifically designed ergonomically and aesthetically to facilitate the pharmacist and promote the merchandise by increasing the commerciality of the space.

The new pharmacy now has personality, character, and style. Its unique identity strengthens its recognition by the public by integrating it dynamically into competition. It is a fact that the renovation of the pharmacy in Koropi, Attica, is a brilliant example of design, and construction of a modernized pharmacy, adapted to the modern requirements of the pharmacist and the customer.

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