Pharmacy Construction in Kolonaki

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The modern era imposes bold changes in the way that we attract the buying audience. The pharmacist in Kolonaki, adapting to market trends, has sought the right partner to upgrade his pharmacy and realize his vision. Therefore, Innovo Constructions completed the pharmacy construction of unique aesthetic and decoration.

During the pharmacy architectural design, the company contacted the pharmacist several times in order to fully listen to its needs and personality so that the result can be expressed. In the new pharmacy, its old role as a health area is not lost, but reinforced and coexisting with beauty and wellness. This is seen in the decoration of the pharmacy with the large green cross that runs through the ceiling and the wall of the pharmacy and its equipment with the choice of placing six drawers behind the reception desk for immediate customer service.

Due to the large volume of goods, unlike the small area of ​​the property, special attention was paid to the shop layout and the ergonomics of the constructions. Merchandising is enhanced by the use of merchandising techniques to stimulate audiences on “off-list” markets. Ensuring functionality, organization and order helps the pharmacist at work, but also facilitates the customer in his / her markets. For the quicker service of customers who do not want a drug, the service and sampling counter is located in front of the wall-mounted windows. In this way, a fast flow of traffic is achieved, leaving all customers satisfied, even at peak times.

The renovation of the pharmacy in Kolonaki made its presence felt in the local market, and not only. Its original identity, diversity, its warm and intimate atmosphere, the excellent service, the communication character of the pharmacist are the main factors determining the success of the business.