Innovo Constructions inspires and creates unique spaces tailored to the needs of the pharmacist and the potential of the property. Therefore, when Innovo was asked to work with the pharmacist in Kallithea, they emphasized the elongated shape of the ground plan and its small front facing the road.

The basic question originally asked was: how can the pharmacy attract passers-by? After a lot of thought, during the renovation of the pharmacy, the door of the entrance was automatically selected and there was no display in the glass window so that the public could have direct visual contact with the interior. This facilitates the person’s access as he approaches the door automatically by inviting him to enter without second thoughts.

Now another question arises: how can a passer-by understand the pharmacy offers at a glance? The solution was given by choosing an electronic sign on the facade of the pharmacy. The fluctuations of the green letters draws the attention while informing the public about the offers and the events of the pharmacy.

In the interior, the simplicity of the constructions comes in complete harmony with the white shades of decoration, creating a minimalist scenery, ideal for highlighting the colorful packaging of the merchandise. The game of white and green light gives vivacity and warmth to the atmosphere. The visual elimination of the low height of the space under the loft is achieved by placing a flexible, white and glossy roof, ideal for areas of health interest. Therefore, the audience has the illusion that, due to the mirror, the pharmacy is much larger than the actual.

The construction of the pharmacy in Kallithea introduces a different model of showcase, modernized and adapted to the developments and needs of the area to the market of the pharmacists sector. Its communication character combined with the functionality, attractiveness of the pharmacy and the help of the pharmacist earn the interest and confidence of new customers.

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